Warranty Policy

EVOC is a world famous manufacturer of embedded and industrial computing products. We provide both reliable products and meticulous services including technical consulting via telephone and email, door-to-door technical services and product maintenance services, etc.


EVOC products fall into three categories, i.e., Standard Products, Stand-alone Components and Customized Products, as defined below:
Standard Products refer to products developed, designed and manufactured by EVOC Intelligent. They include board products and Completed systems. For the Completed systems made by EVOC, all the accessories except for LCD touch screen and battery come with a full two-year warranty. LCD touch screen and battery are covered by one-year warranty.

Stand-alone Components refer to accessories which are not developed, designed and produced by EVOC, including various I/O cards, modules, chassis, power supplies, display, keyboard and mouse. They come with a 12-month warranty. Products or accessories purchased through EVOC but not made by EVOC are only covered by the warranty and maintenance services provided by their original manufacturers. If not specified, these products come with a 12-month warranty.

The warranty coverage for Customized Products shall comply with relevant terms in the contract between the two parties.
For the warranty coverage for any other special products, relevant terms in the contract between the customer and EVOC shall prevail.

Special notes:
* * To prevent the delivery cycle from shortening the warranty period, EVOC provides a deferred commencement of warranty period so that it starts 30 days after the date of dispatch.

* * The following warranty terms only cover Standard Products and Stand-alone Components. For the customized products and special products, the specific service terms and conditions stipulated in the contract signed between both parties shall prevail.


Besides free warranty, EVOC offers special services that allows the customer to enjoy more meticulous product maintenance services for an extended period of time, such as regular maintenance, priority to request repair service in advance, extension of warranty period for Complete PC systems and parts, machine update service, free technical training for distributors and maintenance service for non-EVOC products, etc. 

A. Extended warranty service: 

The customer can apply for extended warranty service (with warranty period longer than standard warranty service) at a higher price. Please see the following table for the extended periods and their corresponding price markup: 

Extended period
Price Markup (compared to open price)
One year
Two years
Three years

B. Onsite update service:

EVOC also provides onsite upgrade services. After paying certain amount of fee, the customer can request to have the CPU, memory, hard disk and so on in the old system updated. Since the update fee may vary with specific hardware configuration, the customer can contact EVOC Service Center in advance for confirmation in this regard.

C. Free technical training for distributors:For distributors that have entered into agreements with EVOC, we provide professional technical support and help them train their technicians so that they can improve their technical level concerning EVOC products and service quality to win more end customers. 

D. For electronic products not made by EVOC, the customer can consult with the local EVOC Service Center face-to-face to obtain maintenance service at a relatively lower price. The charge standard is based on EVOC’s local service price list.

* EVOC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. reserves the right to final interpretation of the above terms and conditions.